Benefits of Double Glazing For Your Home & Interiors

Double glazing refers to the methods used to create an insulation layer using two glass panes. The glazing forms an envelope to separate the external conditions from the internal conditions of the building. The sizes of the glass used in double glazing vary greatly. However, most double glazing glasses have a thickness range of 3 to 10 mm. In special applications such as those which are designed specifically for security purposes, the thickness may be higher than 10mm.

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A spacer is usually fixed between the double glazing panes to keep the two panes apart. These spacers are also technically referred to as profiles. Most spacers are made of high heat insulation materials. For cases where an insulation gas is used, the spacers are made to be air-tight to prevent the insulation gas in the double glazing panel from escaping. Air-tight insulators are also required for double glazing panes which are designed with a vacuum space between the two glass panes. Most spacers will include moisture absorbing materials to keep the double glazed widow clear and able to admit adequate light into the building.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Having double glazed panes will afford you several benefits which the traditional single pane windows will not. The main benefits are highlighted below:

Heat insulation

One key benefit which you will get on installing double glazing panels is stable internal temperatures within the building. The traditional single panel windows are thin and have poor thermal properties. So during winter, these single-panel windows act as heat conduction points making it difficult for one to maintain warm internal house temperatures. A double glazed window has improved thermal conditions guaranteeing a warmer internal environment during winter and also more stable house temperatures during summer.

Various double-glazed panes will have different thermal characteristics. These characteristics depend on different factors. Firstly, the quality of the installation will affect how the double-glazed pane will transmit heat in and out of the house. Thus it is important that you select the right technicians to fix these panes. Secondly, the insulation material used in the double glazing panes will determine the effectiveness of the thermal insulation. The materials used include different gases, vacuum, and even the normal atmospheric air. These materials have different heat coefficients and thus each comes with its own thermal characteristics.

Acoustic Insulation

Acoustics refers to the studies which concern the transmission of sound. Double glazing improves the sound characteristics of the panes. If you live in noisy environments you could consider a double-glazed window as it will help you to drastically reduce the external noise. You could as well be having a party within your house and you wish not to disturb your neighbors. Having double glazed windows with excellent sound insulation capabilities will just help you do that.

There are several factors which come into play and help reduce sound transmission through the double glazed windows. One of these factors is the distance of the air space between the two panels. A bigger air space between the panels will better absorb the sound and reduce the noise levels. Secondly, the materials used for the profile, the glass quality, and the filler material selected also contribute to the overall acoustic properties of double glazing windows. It is also important to ensure that the double glazed panes are fitted properly as this will also contribute to the sound insulation capability of your windows.

Added Security

A weak glass panel is one of the entry points of most burglars. If you are concerned with your security it is always advisable to take measures which will tighten your personal security, that of your family, and even of the property in the house. You can improve the security of your house by installing double glazed windows which have been designed to achieve high tensile strength and are impact resistant. These panes will not only improve your security but also afford you the other benefits associated with double-glazed windows.

Savings on Energy

The cost of energy is steadily increasing. Besides that, there has been a developing concern on how non-renewable energy sources have impacted the environment. Individuals and organizations have, therefore, began a concerted effort to reduce the carbon footprint associated with irresponsible and inefficient use of energy. Having double glazed panes will significantly reduce the electricity consumption in your building.

During winter conditions, there arises a need to artificially warm the internal environment of a building. With double glazed windows, the rate of heat loss to the external environment will be significantly low meaning that the electricity bills associated with house heating will be less. The same applies to summer when there is a need to artificially cool the internal environment. Since the panes are double glazed, the rate of heat transmission into the house will be low implying that you will use less energy to cool the internal environment of your house.


Double glazing technology is key to improving the internal conditions of any building. When choosing double glazing solutions, it is important that you first list your needs and have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with the double glazed panes. In case you are stuck with the technical specifications, it is always wise to consult an expert who will guide you through the whole process. With such a plan in place, you will make an excellent choice of double glazing solutions which matches your budget and still take advantage of most of the benefits associated with double glazed panes.